A professional video for your customers is on your mind. You have an important story to tell and now, you’re ready to share your thoughts and deliver the message. If only you had a magic wand. Your dream video would simply appear in front of you in an instant. You could watch and enjoy it straight away, over and over, share it with your customers, friends, colleagues, family, and everyone else. But what will it look like? Lean back and relax.

How to get the most from our audiovisual tools

Here are some clues: First: It’s not a selfie. Second: It’s a truly professional video production that will make you stand out from the rest. Thus, if you have a new product or service to offer or would like to wrap the old one up nicely, you will most likely be asked to show a video. Now is the time to demonstrate your skills in the best possible way. After all your hard work, don’t compromise with anything that’s below your standards.

A professional video works for you

What exactly does that mean?

Preparing for the best video shoot 

1.) Your Audience

Think about your target group. Who buys your products? What will the ideal customer look like who’s going to watch your professional video. In order to make things easier, imagine a good friend at a kitchen table and tell your story. This strategy takes away your anxiety and will make you feel more comfortable.

2.) Your Crew

A successful, professional video production always takes care of many details that require years of experience and the right investments. For instance, important elements are great lighting equipment, excellent cameras and a myriad of different lenses, the perfect setting, a very helpful, experienced crew, outstanding motion graphic designers, makeup artists, and editors. We carefully assemble a group of experts who are flexible, creative, and work perfectly together.

3.) Your Set-Up

This is important because however the background will look on screen you’re making a statement. Of course, this is also about style and your very personal touch, even if you want to do things in a minimalist way. In other words, think about an environment that truly inspires you or attracts your audience’s attention to a specific focal point in your video.

4.) Your message

Let’s go back to the kitchen table, where you’re telling your friend the story you want to share. This scenario is a good starting point because it will bring you back to the core values and goals of your business. Your friend might ask a lot of questions and act like your “ideal customer.” Now you can practice your skills without any pressure.

Make sure that before we start filming, you know exactly what you will say, with a script, teleprompter or memorized, whatever you like. In addition, try to be as natural as possible. Rest assured the camera doesn’t bite and we can always repeat the taping and do some terrific editing. However, as soon as you step in front of the camera, enjoy the show.

5.) Yourself

Of course, the video is mainly about you and the way you will act in front of the camera. However, always think about your viewers and listeners. Give your performance heart and soul. That’s the best way to be authentic. Finally, Connect with your audience in the best possible way that will leave a lasting impression.

DB Media will be happy to help you with an affordable studio or professional video production that will lead you to the success you deserve.

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