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Videos can be incredibly effective. Therefore, we invite you to share your story. You can masterfully engage your audience in your next video. To achieve that goal we offer a myriad of audiovisual tools to help you. DB Media Productions has the resources and equipment to meet your special needs. That means with a very personal, creative touch. Most importantly, we love doing our job and get it done.

XOL Art Gallery in Baltimore

We greatly enjoyed working on this video. Initially, the goal was to showcase XOL’s exquisite collection. Then demonstrate a strong brand and increase sales successfully. In addition, we also wanted to show the area of this outstanding art gallery. So, we included some interesting landmarks nearby. As a result, we gave viewers a flavor of the arts and culture of the neighborhood.

Mission accomplished!

DB Media Productions produced an amazing video for us at XOL Gallery.
Dorothee Berendes, the CEO, managed the project from a to z and her personal involvement was much appreciated.
DB Media’s videographer did a great job with excellent footage.
They are real pros and deserve the highest recommendation.

Salameh Nematt

Founder , XOL Gallery

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